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Sales & Marketing Certificate

Sales & Marketing Certificate Program Details

The Sales & Marketing Certificate
is intended for any professional interested in mastering sales and marketing skills. Whether you are a distillery owner looking to build marketing knowledge from the ground up or an experienced marketing professional, our certificate program will provide the knowledge to make sound business decisions that will position your company for success. You will also leave with the skills needed to build an actionable roadmap for driving real sales growth. 

To complete the program, participants must earn 30 credits as outlined below. The certificate must be earned within 24 months of attending your first course. Participants must also pass an exam to show competency in the domain.

Certificate Tracker
Use this tracker to track your progress through the certificate program. Upon completion of the program, you will be asked to upload the tracker to verify completion of required courses.

Foundation Core Courses - (Optional) Foundation core courses are introductory courses for those that are new to the subject area. These courses are optional for those with more experience in the field. Foundation courses do count towards your certificate.
Intermediate /Advanced Core Courses - (10 credits) Intermediate core courses offer the opportunity to deepen your understanding of industry best practices. Advanced core courses build upon knowledge gained, allowing participants to apply this knowledge to more complex concepts and industry-specific issues. These courses are required to receive your certificate. The certificate exam will focus on content from these courses.
Leadership – (2 credits) All participants are required to take Diversity & Inclusion in the Spirits Industry & one other Leadership elective. These courses are available in the Leadership Domain and are linked below.
Responsibility – (1 credit) All participants are required to take Alcohol Responsibility. This course is available in the Leadership Domain and is linked below.
Electives - The remaining credits can be achieved through Elective courses. Electives allow participants to take a deeper dive into areas of interest, giving you the flexibility to specialize in topics relevant to your career.

Foundation Core Courses (Optional)
Foundation of the Three-Tier System
Intro to Building Pricing
Intro to Branding
Intro to Sales Analytics
Sales & Marketing Legal Compliance Training

Intermediate/Advanced Core Courses (Required) 
Distributor Selection
How to Win Friends and Influence People: Why Grassroots Advocacy and Coalition Building Matter to You
So You Want to Export? How to Tailor Your Overseas Initiatives for Success
Tactical Marketing - Point of Sale
Brand Storytelling
DISCUS Code Virtual Media Summit Series: Social Media and Digital Code Compliance 101
Maximizing Distributor Relations (Advanced)
Competitive Pricing Strategy (Advanced)
Advanced Sales Data Analytics (Advanced)

Working with Control States
Brand Valuation
Digital Marketing Data & Analytics
Leading a Sales and Marketing Team
How to Build a Local Marketing Fund
Tasting Rooms in a Post-Covid Landscape 
Introducing New Products to Market
How to Determine What & When to Bring to Market
Brand Ambassadors
Social media Do's & Don'ts
Outside the Normal Channels
Social Media Influencers
International Pricing 
International Social Media Considerations
International Labeling 
Retail Collection of Revenue
Entering a New Market
Cocktails to Go Webinar Part 1
Cocktails to Go Webinar Part 2
DISCUS International Webinar Series: Identifying Key Markets
Brexit and Your Bottom Line

Alcohol Responsibility (Required)
Diversity & Inclusion in the Spirits Industry (Required)
Creating an Organizational Culture
Leading Change
Leadership Communication Styles
Management Processes

Certificate Application Process

In order to earn a domain certificate, applicants must complete the following steps:
  1. Fulfill the domain course requirements as outlined above.
  2. Complete and submit the tracking form below. Your tracking sheet will be reviewed by DISCUS Academy staff to ensure all courses meet the requirements. Upon successful review, applicants will be eligible to take the domain exam.
  3. Take the domain exam and receive a score of 70%. Exam questions will be taken from Core Courses.
  4. Certificates will be available to download immediately after the exam is passed.