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DISCUS International Webinar Series - Part 1: Identifying Key Markets

The DISCUS Academy International Webinar Series provides U.S. spirits producers with the knowledge and tools to maximize international opportunities. This six-part series on exports will outline how producers can maximize their international opportunities through data, marketing, and regulatory comprehension. In part one, Identifying Key International Markets, industry panelists discuss how producers can identify key markets through resource analysis, contrasting markets, and emerging trends.

Learning Outcomes:
Identify the publicly available databases, government reports, and DISCUS resources that can provide key international market data including current tariffs, top export markets for US spirits, classifications, and more.
2. Understand the impact COVID-19 has had on international markets, consumer trends, and disruptions.
Understand the nuts and bolts of exporting from the perspective a craft distiller with experience in shipping vs. importing, export insurance, identifying the ideal market size, and creating partnerships.

Brandy Rand
Chief Operating Officer

Robert Maron
Vice President, Trade
Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S.

Dr. Robert Birnecker
Chief Executive Officer and Master Distiller
Koval Distilling