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Recordkeeping (OSHA, TTB Compliance, Worker's Compensation)

The distilling industry has some of the most arduous and strict recordkeeping requirements in the United States. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of recordkeeping responsibilities for general business and distillery-specific demands. It will also cover recordkeeping tools, proper employee training to avoid mistakes or redundancies, and tips for conducting internal audits to ensure recordkeeping integrity.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the importance of recordkeeping and the benefits and liabilities of non-compliance
2. Learn how to effectively track, forecast (P&L, yields), and comply with legal and tax requirements
3. Follow a recordkeeping checklist, including on the topics of:

a. Contracts and leases
b. Licenses and permits
c. Payroll and accounting
d. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (work-related injuries and illnesses)
e. TTB compliance monthly and quarterly
f. State and local obligations
4. Understand Distillery Management Software options, like Whiskey Systems, Crafted ERP, OnBatch or Orchestrated Spirits
5. Create employee training and company procedures to track compliance ( connected to the more comprehensive Policies and Procedures course)
6. Schedule regular recordkeeping reviews and internal audits
7. Explore the rules and requirements around record retention and privacy

Randall Buxbaum
National Account Representative 
Whiskey Systems