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Global Marketplace/Global Perspective: Legal Considerations for International Markets

The global distilled spirits market can be daunting for new entrants and veterans alike, with its maze of domestic and international regulations, differing product requirements, and critical marketplace considerations. This Elective Course will detail the requirements necessary to legally import and export distilled spirits, enable participants to evaluate and understand these foreign markets, and share best practices based on the expertise of our panelists.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the legal requirements related to importing and exporting distilled spirits products and some of the nuances associated with these activities
2. Gain an education in the complex world of customs bonded warehouses and foreign trade zones, direct imports and importers of record, and domestic permit requirements
3. Evaluate routes to export markets to determine what method works the best, how to foster relationships with partners abroad, and troubleshoot factors specific to these markets
4. Gain the tools to analyze foreign markets for legal obstacles, such as product classifications or requirements and approved bottle sizes, and best build your brand export/import portfolio for success

Seeking CLE Approval

Ryan Malkin
Principle Attorney
Malkin Law

Michael Vachon
Maverick Drinks