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Sparking a Movement

Yes, change can be faster. And easier.

While another global pandemic may or may not be around the corner, its clear that multi-year efforts to drive change have become irrelevant.
Every organization must consider how to activate change FASTER and traditional change management can only go so far. In today’s world, the way to make change is to make a movement – to spark purpose-driven ideas that resonate with key influencers, cause others to mobilize in pursuit of early wins and create momentum towards a “tipping point” that makes what was once radical the new norm.

Without a movement, change efforts will almost always fall short of their potential.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn the 8 conditions necessary to create a successful movement
  2. Learn how to reach a ‘tipping point’ faster
  3. Outline how to build and motivate the coalition necessary to effect positive change