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Introduction to TTB Permitting

All members of the beverage alcohol industry, whether they are distillers, vintners, brewers, wholesalers, or importers, must obtain basic permits from the TTB as a precondition of doing business. Without a TTB basic permit, a distiller cannot produce, bottle, or sell its products. This course details TTB permit types, what you need before you file, how to obtain a basic permit, and expert insights on information you need to know to successfully file your permits.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the TTB permitting process, the types of permits (distiller or importer), how to use TTB’s Permits Online platform, and what you need to know when filing for a TTB basic permit
2. Determine what your responsibilities are as a TTB permittee and what distillers may need to have in hand prior to filing for the permit, such as a distilled spirits bond
3. Learn how to best work with TTB officials to troubleshoot any issues you encounter in the filing process
4. Gain insights from industry experts about their experiences and tips for filing or amending your TTB permits

David Bateman
Government Consultant
Gray Robinson