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Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

The collective events of 2020 served as an inflection point in the ever-evolving conversation around diversity and inclusion. It is now our responsibility to continue the discussion by asking ourselves, as an industry, “where do we go from here?” Progress depends on evolving the general perceptions of what diversity, equity, and inclusion are in order to achieve intersectionality across the entire spectrum. Learn what role each of us has to play in order to ensure that everybody has an equal opportunity to earn a seat at the table. This course will explore how and why diversity consciousness is important, key challenges and solutions to create successful diversity strategy and planning, success stories, and ideas that help foster a more inclusive work environment.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Gain a working knowledge of diversity consciousness that allows one to evaluate, and navigate the ambiguity and complexity that comes with diverse perspectives.
  2. Demonstrate communication skills that enable intercultural communication and helps to develop more inclusive and innovative workspaces.
  3. Establish processes to plan and integrate diversity and inclusion in your organization.
Lia Jones
Executive Director
Diversity in Food & Beverage