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Key Principles of Distillery Design and Layout

Many craft distilleries are being designed and built for individuals/groups that have no distilled spirits industry or manufacturing background. Many are investor types that are drawn to the industry by personal interest and the business opportunity available in this sector. This course is an introductory level offering geared toward first time distillery owner/operators or those looking to expand a current distillery. The course will use “business friendly” terminology that will allow you to gain a better understanding of what you need to be aware of and have in your facility to manufacture products.

1) Gaining an understanding of what you need to have thought through or completed before you start your design and layout.
2) An introduction to the general types of equipment you will need in your facility for production
3) Provide insights on areas that can be potential red flags, issues or pitfalls that you want to avoid as well as those you have to design for

Charlie Bertalan
Founder & President
River Locks Distillery Services & Equipment Partners LLC