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Intellectual Property Considerations

A properly managed intellectual property portfolio can help a company to protect its core business and research and development activities, boost market competitiveness, and add great value to a company’s bottom line by creating intangible assets that can be licensed and sold. This course gives participants an overview of the different types of intellectual property, best practices for securing and maintaining intellectual property protection in the alcohol industry, and industry-specific strategies for protecting against counterfeiters and infringers in the global market.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn how to identify possible subjects of intellectual property within a company’s business activities;
2. Gain an understanding of pitfalls to avoid when attempting to protect alcohol-related intellectual property, and strategies for establishing an intellectual property portfolio that strengthens a company’s market position; and
3. Evaluate options for policing intellectual property rights at home and abroad, and identify strategies for defending against infringers and counterfeiters.

Zareefa Burki Flener
Managing & Founding Partner
Flener IP & Business Law

Lisa Harkins
Flener IP & Business Law

CLE credit available in select jurisdictions.