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TTB Compliance Bundle

This 6-part educational series will cover how to stay compliant with TTB regulations and provide tips on the navigating the nuances of working with the TTB.

This series aims to help you:

  • Understand the TTB permitting process, the types of permits, and how to obtain a basic permit
  • Understand the TTB labeling and formula approval process and what you need to know when filing for label or formula approval
  • Understand the full scope of issues regulated by Parts 5 and 19 of TTB’s regulations and how to deal with the complexities of these issues
  • Learn how to reconcile and submit TTB reports and tax returns, and what material and data you need to collect
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of recordkeeping responsibilities for general business and distillery-specific demands
  • Learn tips and best practices on working with the TTB
Purchase the bundle to receive discounted pricing on the included courses.